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    Guide me , I need advice about app idea

    Hello ,

    I'm noob here , And I just hope you guys can help me ^_^

    I need ur advices about how to start my new app , This app will be for my graduation project :$

    My whole idea is app have students/users , every user have ID/student ID & password to login .
    after that the student will see his marks in table , and in other activity the student will see his courses and some info about those courses , etc..
    and the teacher can send message for whole class about homework or just announcement .

    Now how can I start working for this app , What I need exactly !!
    sure this app need internet connection to get this info , I think the info gd to store in MySQL database or I don't know u guys know better than me.
    So I need solutions about this idea app , Finally sorry if my English wasn't that good and that clearness .

    My Java is gd not that bad , But this is the first time for me in Android .
    I don't need u guys help me with the code , I'm learning Android now .
    But my problem is how to start and what should I use to make this app .

    Thank u guys =)
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    Some things to consider

    It's over a month, but nobody has answered yet so here are some thoughts.

    What you're describing needs the app to cooperate with a website, so it's not just an Android programming problem. I've built a couple of products that do this and I'd be happy to share some knowledge. Here's an outline of the basic building blocks.

    For the server I always use PHP. I have my own lightweight CMS framework that makes it relatively simple to set up a job like this. Apart from the messaging between the app and the server you'll also need a management area where you can monitor the system from a browser. I find it handy to have expertise with both Java and PHP; it's a relatively uncommon combination that opens up some interesting job opportunities.

    At the Android end there's a GUI the user interacts with. Behind the scenes it has an HTTP module that sends messages to the web server and collects the replies. A bit like using AJAX in a browser, you could say. Because replies come back asynchronously you need a mechanism to inform the Activity when they arrive. I do this with a simple listener interface.

    I usually do my GUI prototyping using another of my own tools; a high-level scripting toolkit that runs on Android to edit, compile and run scripts. It's called EasyCoder and it's on the Play Store.

    If you'd like more information just ask.

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