Hello, My name is Frank. I've had alot of experience with programming, but never on Android. I've always wanted to learn how to make an android app, but i have never had the need. I am a General Manager at a Taco Bell, the youngest GM in the United States while im in college majoring in Information Systems, this information is relevant because it is the reason i'm making this application. When you prep food you have a hold time that you must put on the food to make sure the oldest food gets used first. The problem is work is very fast pace and sitting there adding up hours, or remembering dates is not efficient.
Now that you know why I need it. Let me tell you what it needs to do.

I want a simple GUI interface where when you tap on a product like Taco Shells it automatically does the hold time for you.

Taco shells have a hold time of 3 hours and a use by time of 7 hours after the 3 hours so a 10 hour total

So the program needs to be able to take the current time add the 3 hours then add the 7 hours, and display both times.
So current time is 4 so the two numbers it needs to show are 7PM and 2AM
That is the main function of the program pretty simple.

I also need a search bar so we can find any product quickly.
I would the list to automatically organize items by most used.

That is about it super simple app just need a starting point for Android development.

I use eclipse and netbeans if this makes a difference.

Here are some possible future plans. I also need a starting place for these.
Adding a way to send each schedule directly to each device.
Reminders for when items expire.
News feed/updating daily on tasks that need to be done.

I really appreciate any help i can recieve. Thank you for your time.