Hi guys, I am developer in Singapore and I am developing an iOS game (almost finished), and I want to have it on* both iOS and Android as I launch it.*

Iíve been coding on Xcode ever since the first app I developed and in my opinion Xcode is the best IDE. I really donít want to switch the environment and recode everything in Java/C++ or HTML5.

Last week I found this post from Cocos2d StellaSDK: port your cocos2d-iphone games to Android . Itís about a tool called Stella SDK. It took me several hours to get my iOS game running on their Android simulator. After removing some parts, it actually compiled into an apk, but crash at some point on my galaxy device.

Just wondering anyone has experience on stella sdk? Or other similar tools? I think itís relatively new and thereís not too much information online. I hope thereís someone here to share their experience with me. It seems quite impressive to me at this stage, this can be something I was looking for.

ps. my game is a casual game building on Cocos2d, written in pure Objective C.