Currently I have an app that load most of its data from a database call which is done at startup. Its onCreate method correctly calls the associated xml layout file and once the data appears everything is fine. Until that data is created and sent to the phone parsed and loaded the main screen remains black. It is my first inapp purchase App and I built it from the TrivialDrive Sample file provided by Google. What I would like to do is to load an image then begin the data retrieval routine and have the normal functionality begin at this point.

I thought about simply creating a startup activity but wouldn't it do the same thing simply load the image and then go back to black when I hit the new oncreate Method in the normal Activity layout file while the data loads .

I am not sure.

What I would like would be to have a single Activity that would load a layout file (with the image) begin the data retrieval when the App knows the data has been retrieved load the data using the actual xml layout file I currently use

Is this possible or does anyone know how I could accomplish this