I am calling a webservice that would do a post to one of my client database. The method is expecting a sessoionId, and a jagged array. It also return a jagged array. I am having an issue passing the jagged array to the JSONStringer and StringEntity. Below is a simple of my code inside the doinbackground:
if(sessionId != "")
                  URL = "";
                  requestPost = new HttpPost(URL);
                  requestPost.setHeader("Accept", "application/json");
                  requestPost.setHeader("Content-type", "application/json");

                  List<String[]> parameters = new ArrayList<String[]>();
                  parameters.add(new String[] {"StudentID","SSN"});
                  parameters.add(new String[] {"StudentLastName", "LastName"});
                  parameters.add(new String[] {"StudentGrade","Grade"});

                  JSONStringer VistAConnect = new JSONStringer()
// I am not sure how to format the jaggedArray in here.
//Converting the below parameter to a string does not help either.   
                     StringEntity entity = new StringEntity(VistAConnect.toString());
                      httpClient = new DefaultHttpClient();
                      HttpResponse response1 = httpClient.execute(requestPost); 
                      HttpEntity responseEntity1 =  response1.getEntity(); 

                      char[] buffer1 = new char[(int)responseEntity1.getContentLength()];
                        InputStream stream1 =responseEntity1.getContent();
                        InputStreamReader reader1 = new InputStreamReader(stream1);
//when I look at the resultFromPost, it failed with the message String did not format properly.
                        resultFromPost= new String(buffer1);

Any help or suggestion would be greatly appreciated.