Mobario is a very cool and one-of-a-kind app! It allows Android users to multitask between apps without leaving the initial app the user was working on.

We recently launched our On-Top-Widget at Droidcon Paris, allowing developers to implement our SDK to enrich their users' experience and enjoy new monetization channels. Since we're still in beta, we're working very closely with the dozens of developers that joined early, looking for bring more into our community. You can grab the SDK from our website or download the app from Google Play if you want to experience Mobario firsthand.

Benefits for your users:
* Enhanced mobile experience to stay connected to social networks and content
* A personalized media bar on top of any other app
* Interact effortless with friends and content, at all times

Benefits for you:
* Your apps featured as permanent icons on Mobario launcher
* Affiliate web search through the Mobario search bar
* Monetize with our Offer Wall or a 3rd party ad engine

Product video:

SDK: www(dot)mobario(dot)com
Google Play: bit(dot)ly/getmobarioapp
Twitter: (at)mobario
Questions: elad(at)mobario(dot)com