My operating system is Windows Vista and I am using IE8.
When I downloaded the Software "Adobe Flash Player" my laptop became slow and unstable. The reason which prompted me to download this software was because I could not watch a video on the BBC News Website. The BBC advised me to download the Adobe Flash Player.

Then I removed the Adobe Flash Player successfully from my laptop but I was still receiving error messages telling me that the Adobe Flash Player was still life and well in my laptop. Also I could not watch the You Tube. Somebody suggested to me to download the software “Unistall Flash Player”. I downloaded the Unistall Flash Player to my laptop and ran it but The Adobe Flash Player was still living in my laptop. I consider the Adobe Flash Player as Virus because first of all the Adobe Flash Player slow my OS and can not remove it from my laptop.

I would appreciate very much if somebody could tell me how can I remove the Adobe Flash Player from my laptop for good.