never heard of pokki before, but once i started reading up on it, i saw that since Windows 8.1 doesn't normally come with a start menu icon, many PC manufacturers use the pokki option to create this feature

at least that's what i assume was the case on the HP computer i bought last october, since the start button icon has always been there

however, about a week ago, the following pop-up started appearing shortly after start-up :

and i can't really figure out why + i'm not totally sure what "set my browser search to Web Search" means, except this starts to look like virus-like behaviour or possibly adware trying to worm its way into my PC

i removed any applications and/or folders that showed any connection to pokki, and for the moment the jury is still out whether this has solved the problem

what i want to know though : is this proper software, or has it been hijacked in some way to allow malware to infiltrate itself onto my PC ?