Vista x64 system. I'm not really looking for an expert to fix my system because I gonna nuke and pave it anyway just to be safe, but just wanted to tell what's happened. Maybe someone had the same issue or have some insight. Anyway...I've never had any problems with virus on this machine until recently. I noticed computer running slow and lots of traffic going on. Ran lots of scanners. From bootcd's I ran superspyware, spybot s & d, bitdefender and sophos root kit. I had networking so it update to newest database. I found lots of scanners are not compatable with x64. In safe mode ran malwarebytes but it kept crashing. Ran superspy and comodo in normal mode. Comodo picked up about 2. For security I have comodo, adaware, and superspy. proabably ran some others but forgot. After running all that I did hijackthis and it picked up quite a bit of nasties. Cleaned them and the computer seemed to be back to normal. So I read about the rootkits now being able to work on 64 bit systems. Maybe becuase it's relativley new the scanners did not pick it up? And if that is the case sounds like a good 'ol nuke n pave my be the safest solution. Thanks for any comments or insight.