Friend has an XP SP3 machine, all MS updates, patches etc., up-to-date Norton 360, and an AOL connection. He uses on-line e-mail facility rather than a client like OE.

E-mails containing virused links are being sent out in his name (spoofed) to contacts in his address book. Also, his SENT BOX at AOL has just been wiped.

Earlier this year I got rid of the Hupigon virus from his machine, zapped out all Restore Points, and all has been well for the past 9 months or so. Until yesterday.

I expected to find the same virus but have only come across the TR/Dropper.GEN after numerous scans with different software.

So my questions are...

(1) Is TR/Dropper.GEN likely to be doing the same as the Hupigon virus with his AOL address book and SENT BOX?

(2) If not, is it possible that the original 'spoofer' could have started up again with the copy of his address book from the start of year?