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    Exclamation PC shuts off at connect-Sometimes if ethernet is unplugged?

    Please help!
    My Computer is having a series of startup/power/connecting problems.
    It started off that when I put the PC into standby when I wasn't using it, the blinking light, which signifies standby, would stay blinking even after I logged back onto Windows. I usually fixed that by turning everything off, unplugging, resting the transformer powerbar, and then plugging back in & turning it back on.
    Then, early New Years Day, I noticed the computer was off and I didnt remember turning it off, and the blinking standby light was not on.
    My settings were set so that it was several hours before my PC would shut itself completely off, and it hadnt been that long since I had used it.

    I tried to turn it back on via power button, and I was able to log into my admin Windows user account, but the whole machine shut completely off right around the time when the desktop icons started loading.
    I unplugged everything, cleaned a bit of dust out of the inside of the tower, reset the power bar, waited awhile, plugged it back in and started again, same thing several times.
    I noticed that the back (smaller) fan was barely going and making no noise--It is usually somewhat loud on this old computer.

    At first I thought it was overheating, which it did about a year ago, but I didnt hear the little beeping that normally occurs when that happens.
    I unplugged, reset power bar and turned it on again, and before the login screen loaded, I hit F2 (I think) to go into BIOS settings. I set a Supervisor password for BIOS settings, and restored all other settings in the BIOS screens to default. This whole time, I am spinning the back fan manually with my finger whenever it seems to start slowing down or getting quiet.
    When I first logged back on to Windows, I went in my Admin acct. and disabled the network connection (I use Comcast broadband connected via ethernet btw) right away. The fan kept going normally on its own, and has since.

    I ran Avast antivirus-found nothing-Then I defragged-I ran Hijack this and got the log below--I didnt fix anything in there yet, as I wasnt sure what was what. I also turned off the Hibernate function in the Power Settings.

    For now, I am able to use the computer and go online, as you can see by my posting here.
    I am now using my 2nd Windows user, a Limited Account, and am avoiding going online with my Admin account.
    Obviously, I got it running again--but I'm not sure exactly what it was that I did which fixed it--or how long it will last!
    I use my PC for my small business and having it switch off w/o saving anything could be a serious problem for me.

    UPDATE: It got turned off again and then I unplugged/restarted.
    I went into BIOS and reset non-supervisor user to have "no access", unplugged the Ethernet, logged back on my admin acct.
    Ran Malwarebytes--nothing was found.

    I disabled and then went to re-enable my network connection, and it shut off again as soon as I clicked "enable" (while the ethernet cord was still unplugged)!

    Turned off again and then I unplugged/restarted with ethernet unplugged,and it had not enabled from the last time--It allowed me to enable while the cord was not connected, but then shut off when I connected the ethernet cord.

    Turned it back on, ethernet still plugged in and logged into my non-admin acct (what Im in now) and the network connection seemed to be enabled--and its working (for now).

    My question is: HOW do I know what was/is wrong with it, and how do I keep it from just turning off like that again?

    Preferably without spending much money, as I have next to none.

    I tried to post My Hijack this! log, and thought I edited out all the urls but it keeps telling me that new users can't post with urls in it. Ugh!?
    I posted this same Q at another forum, so please correct the address and look at my log there (replace every DOT with a . ):
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    This time I was viewing an Adobe PDF file (from my own computer-made by me) that I was about to attach to an email, and it shut off again.
    I left the ethernet plugged in, unplugged the power, reset powerbar and then turned the PC on--I looked into BIOS and set power settings for after shutoff from "Stay off" to "Last best" configuration.

    ALSO-when I got to boot options it won't allow me to start windows in Safe Mode--It says something about a power switch or something being pressed during loading (which I'm not doing) and then it takes me back to the same screen--I chose "Last best configuration" this time.

    Then I logged back on to my non-admin account.
    Its working for now, but I still have no idea how long or how to prevent it doing it again and again?

    ALSO: I can't view youtube videos or other flash apps online (at least not in this user-too scared to try on my admin acct.), when I used to be able to. It said I needed to do an adobe update, which I did (before the computer went off the last time) but the youtube vids still dont work.

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