I'm trying to get Perl to connect to a MySQL database using DBI and
DBD-Mysql on my Win '98 development platform running Apache, but cannot get the DBI module
to work. The following line results in an internal server error:

use DBI;

I've got ActiveState Perl installed on my PC, and it works fine with all the
standard modules. I've used ppm.pl to download and install by:
install DBI
to install the DBI module, and:
install DBD-Mysql
to install the Mysql driver.

On installing them, it said everything was fine (at least, no errors),
however the line "use DBI;" still returns a "500 Internal Server Error".

I've tried uploading the file to the webserver which I'll be using, and
there's no error there, and hence no other error with the file (tried
#'shing out the line, and then there's no error either on home machine).

Any ideas? Thanks in advance,