My apologies if this is the wrong place for this question. I took my best guess.

I am a new web developer who is struggling to even set up local development environment with Eclipse. My goal is to eventually put my idea into a cool website that could be hosted on 64MB private JVM Tomcat 6 server.

I tried everything I could last 4 days reading bunch of tutorial sites and came up with an Eclipse project which could be downloaded "".

I am overwhelmed with integrating so many frameworks (I wasn't an open source guy before), I feel that I'm stuck. Following are some questions I have.
1. How come when I run above project on Tomcat 6 server on local machine, I have to access it with "http://localhost/richfaces-tomcat6/" I want to be able to access it with "http://localhost/Namo/". Because "Namo" is going to be my website name.
2. How come "http://localhost/richfaces-tomcat6/index.xhtml" is not showing the inputText at all?
3. How come I cannot use "@Named" annotation for the managed beans? Instead I have to use "@ManagedBean". I read some where that @ManagedBean is really for the legacy system. Does this matter?
4. I am trying to code in JSF 2 with a bit of Ajax features on the site. I read some where Richfaces is useful. Am I even on the right track with setting these up?

I know I am asking a lot of questions. I am so ready to have something set up locally and hit the books for JSF but I can't even get started on it which is very frustrating. I would really appreciate it if somebody could help me or guide me to right direction.