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    Whats with websockets server-wise?

    So I was all excited when I first learned about websockets not long ago (I'm behind the curve). I've done some hobbyist coding in older versions of HTML and PHP but nothing major. When I heard about HTML 5 and websockets I decided to look back into web development again.

    It seems websockets are simple client wise, but I don't get the server side. Does apache natively support websockets or not? because it certianly doesn't look like it from what I've read. I've seen some sourceforge projects which looked to be apache hacks that supported websockets, but the whole appeal to me was that the functionality was standardized. If I have to use hacks (even server side) it's a lot less attractive. Am I mistaken? Does apache support websockets? Is there a similar, well established, webserver technology that does? Is apache support planned in the near future?
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    It is unlikely that support for websockets will ever be implemented in the Apache core code; Apache provides this type of functionality through modules that you can enable or disable. In the future Apache will probably ship with a module that provides support for websockets, but as of the 2.2 release it does not. There are several existing modules that you can install to add websockets support to Apache.

    I would not expect to see a websockets module ship with Apache by default for several more years at least. Apache is an extremely large and critical project. Vulnerabilities and performance problems are essentially unacceptable given the number of servers that use Apache. As a result, the introduction of new features happens extremely slowly. A feature has to be thoroughly tested and proven before it can even be considered for inclusion. Websockets are currently neither (even earlier versions of web browsers that supported websockets had it disabled by default due to security concerns).

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