Me again. I might not get this web server set up until the next millenium, but I will try till I do.
As per advice from freebsd on an earlier post (, I attempted to start over on Apache/SSL, and then compile the modules later as DSO's using apxs. I get so far as running apache/SSL and verify that they both work, but then when I stop apache, and install Mod_perl as with the following commands, the SSL part no longer works.


After I start apache, if I use "apachectl start", then i can connect to my host no problem. If I use "apachectl startssl", it appears to start correctly, but when I attempt to access the site through Netscape I get a "The document contains no data"

I'm probably missing something real easy (as per my luck), but if it's something that can be solved quick-like, I will be forever grateful.