Hy everybody,
i'm try to switch to new server that use isapi.dll on apache 2.2

on my new server ( Win Srv 2008 R2 64Bit ) i'm spending days to replicate the installation, i install apache 2.4 32Bit,
configure http.conf with:

AddHandler isapi-handler .dll
AddHandler cgi-script .exe
ISAPICacheFile D:/wamp/www/Ciproweb/ciweb.dll

i added alias
Alias /CiproWeb/ "d:/wamp/www/CiproWeb/"
<Directory "d:/wamp/www/CiproWeb/">
Options ExecCGI
AllowOverride None
Order allow,deny
Allow from all

but when i try to execute dll i get ( on error.log )
"malformed header from script 'ciweb.dll': Bad header:"

Consider that
- ciweb.dll now is working correctly on old server, so it is
- I previous installed Apace 2.4 64bit, but i got "not a valid 32bit application"

any support will greatly appreciate, thank you