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    allow someone to edit a form


    I have a form which I would like to allow a customer to edit/update. I need to populate the text boxes with retrieved data and then allow customer to select 'update' button. I can't figure out the syntax to place the retrieved value within an input box.

    I have this so far, which obviously doesn't work - double quotes etc. Tried double and single quotes but no value appears.
    Also tried placing retrieved value within variable, but didn';t work either.

    <input type="text" name="FirstName" value="<%=rsdetails("FirstName")%>"

    Sure it's very simple..
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    The first thing you must do is, like you say, retrieve the data that you need(the ones that'll go into the <textboxes>.
    In order to do that, you'll have to create and SQL Query.

    Now since your SQL Query will look something like:
    (I'm assuming it's gonna look like that)

    SELECT Field1, Field2, ...
    FROM MyTable
    WHERE someID = 19

    The 19 here is only an example of a uniqueID.

    You do understand that Query *should* only bring back *one* record right?

    If that's the case then you don't need to/won't have to *loop* inside your recordset right? (because you only have one record)

    Now because of this, I strongly recommand putting the data from that *one* record into variables. Only then use these variables to put inside your <form>...</form>.

    So...this is an example of the top of my head, it is NOT tested but should give you an idea:

    Download the attach file I've sent, all the code is in there and it should be trivial...

    Hope this helps!

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