Dear All
I have developed a Stored Procedure on SQL Server 7

this is it

@FieldReturned int=0 OUTPUT
select @FieldReturned = 12
--print @FieldReturned
return 1001

and made a test ASP page to call this procedure on ASP page

Dim CommObj, ParmObj, rsResults, strColumns
set CommObj = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Command")
set rsResults = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")
strColumns = 1

'rsResults.Open "TestOutput " & strColumns ,Conn

CommObj.ActiveConnection = Conn
CommObj.CommandText = "TestOutput"
CommObj.CommandType = adCmdStoredProc

'CommObj.Parameters.Append CommObj.CreateParameter("@Data", adInteger,adParamInputOutput)

'set ParmObj = CommObj.CreateParameter("@FieldReturned", adInteger, adParamOutput,, 1)
'CommObj.Parameters.Append ParmObj
Set ParamOut=CommObj.CreateParameter("@FieldReturned", adInteger,adParamInputOutput ","0")
CommObj.Parameters.Append ParamOut
'Set ParamRet=CommObj.CreateParameter ("Return",adInteger ,adParamReturnValue )
'CommObj.Parameters.Append ParamRet
'CommObj.Prepared = true

set rsResults = CommObj.Execute()
'strColumns = CommObj.Parameters("@FieldReturned").Value 'CStr(ParmObj) '

Response.Write "Returned Columns:[ " & CommObj.Parameters(0).Value & " ]"
%> does not type the output parameter......
it does not give an exception...just empty value for the output parameter

What do you think the problem is....???

Best Regards