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    Blank webpage

    Dear all,

    The following script is not reading the xml data and translating it into the graph.

    The output is currently showing a blank webpage, and I am not sure why is?

       'In this example, we show how to connect FusionCharts to a database.
       'For the sake of ease, we've used an Access database which is present in
       '../DB/FactoryDB.mdb. It just contains two tables, which are linked to each
       'Database Objects - Initialization
       Dim oRs, oRs2, strQuery
       'strXML will be used to store the entire XML document generated
       Dim strXML
       'Create the recordset to retrieve data
        Set oRs = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")
       'Generate the chart element
        'Generate the chart element
    	strXML = "<graph caption='Deals Output report' subCaption='By Quantity' decimalPrecision='0' showNames='1'  numberSuffix=' Units'  pieSliceDepth='30' formatNumberScale='0'>"
     'Iterate through each factory
      strQuery = "select * from deal_price2"
      Set oRs = oConnection.Execute(strQuery)
      While Not oRs.Eof
      'Now create second recordset to get details for this factory
      Set oRs2 = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")
      strQuery = "select sum(price) as TotOutput from deal_price where deal_id=" &  ors("deal_id")
      Set oRs2 = oConnection.Execute(strQuery) 
      'Generate <set name='..' value='..'/> 
      strXML = strXML & "<set name='" & ors("date") & "' value='" & ors2("TotOutput") & "' />"
     'Close recordset
      Set oRs2 = Nothing
     'Finally, close <chart> element
      strXML = strXML & "</chart>"
    response.write strXML
      Set oRs = nothing
    'Create the chart - Line Chart with data from strXML
     Call renderChart("MyWeb/includes/FCF_Line.swf", "", strXML, "FactorySum", 650, 450)
    Any help would be very much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance for your help.
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    blank pages are caused by either un-renderable html received by your browser, an error on the server before the html output buffer is sent to the browser, or a problem with your code that makes it not send any html to the browser.

    In this case most likely you have some problem with your renderChart() code.

    If you have any On Error Resume Next statement anywhere in your asp code take those statements out for debugging.
    Doug G
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