I am currently in the process of changing the order and searching process of an online store, selling plumbing fittings....

Now this starts of with a page where the user selects the type of fitting they want.

They then select the style of this fitting they want...

This takes them to the "select sizes" page....this page has a pic of the part and two/three(depending on style) drop down menus...with the 2nd menu dependant on the selection from the 1st!
These menus are in javascript.

Now I want the user selection from these menus to be used in the ASP code to get the product info from the DB...

now my asp code looks like this:

'Connects to DB

Set MyConn = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")
MdbFilePath = Server.MapPath("TestDB1.mdb")
MyConn.Open "Driver={Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb)}; DBQ=" & MdbFilePath & ";"

'Put values in variables first

strfirstChoice = Request.Form("firstChoice").item
strsecondChoice = Request.Form("secondChoice").item
strthirdChoice = Request.Form("thirdChoice").item

'build SQL statement - get from the MS Access DB all the details on the product selected in the drop-down menu

SQL_query = "SELECT * FROM products WHERE Style = " & CInt(strfirstChoice) & " AND OD = " & CInt(strsecondChoice) & " AND Thread = " & CInt(strthirdChoice)

Set RS = MyConn.Execute(SQL_query)


however i keep getitng an exception error on this line, which is where the asp code outputs the info from the DB...

<FONT FACE="verdana" size=1><B><%Response.Write " " & rs("Shape") & "</B>"%> <B><%Response.Write " " & rs("Purpose") & "</B>"%> | OD Tube Size: <B><%Response.Write " " & rs("OD Tube Size") & "</B>"%> | Thread Size:<B>
<%Response.Write " " & rs("Thread_size") & "</B>"></font><IMG width=8 src="images/themes/spacer.gif">
<IMG width=8 src="images/themes/spacer.gif"><IMG width=8 src="images/themes/spacer.gif"><IMG width=8 src="images/themes/spacer.gif"><a href="search.html"><font face=verdana,arial size=1>Search Again</font></a>

Any help would be appreciated.