I will give an example to explain what I am doing -

This is my data:
UserID Pet Qty
1000 Dog 3
1000 Cat 1
1000 Bird 2
1000 Snake 0

On my webpage, I would like to have a variable amount of dropdownlists that share this data pool. Each DDL will start with the following items:
- None
- Dog
- Cat
- Bird
- {it will not have a "Snake" item because the Snake Qty is 0}

Each DDL is initially set to selected item "None".

If DDL1 is changed to selected item "Cat", the "Cat" qty becomes 0 and the cat option is removed from all other DDLs. What is the best/most efficient way to do this in ASP.NET??

Right now, I am loading the data into a hiddenfield and I'm handling all of the dynamics on page with Javascript. When the page is saved, my server side script saves the data based on the hiddenfield value. It's very confusing Javascript code, as one could imagine, there is a lot of rewriting to and repopulating. The code seems to work great on Chrome and Edge but does not seem to execute on all browsers. I need to fix this so I was wondering if there was a completely different and better way to do this. Could I bind the data to the DDLs, perhaps? If so, how do I handle the Qtys in that case?

Thanks in advance!