I'm running ASP Classic pages on IIS 6.1 on Windows Server 2008 R2, with an MSAccess DB as my backend (don't ask why). Well, all of a sudden, any decimal value entered into any form is being automatically rounded up to the next integer (for example, 1.25 is stored in the DB as 1, and 1.75 is stored at 2). Nothing in my DB has changed for the data type (currently set to Double with 2 decimal places). Nothing complex in the code, not doing any calculations or data/variable manipulations. Here's my actual code:

<input type="text" name="UnitCost" id="UnitCost" size="10" value="<%= (AW_Products.fields.item("UnitCost").value)%>"tabi ndex="9"/>

upd_AW_Products.addColumn "UnitCost", "NUMERIC_TYPE", "POST", "UnitCost"
upd_AW_Products.addColumn "UnitPrice", "NUMERIC_TYPE", "POST", "UnitPrice"

I have multiple sites running on this same environment and they are all doing the same thing. Is there a global variable is IIS or the Server that controls Precision or Scale outside of the database? This is driving me crazy because on the surface it seems like such a simple DB field type issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated.