Iam also getting the same error -Either BOF or EOF is True, or the current record has been deleted. Requested operation requires a current record.
Function file: W:\Startrack\QTP Framework\FunctionLibraries\CommonFunction.vbs
Can anyone pls help ?

Function FetchORPropertyData(Byval Page, Byval Object)

ORSheetPath = "W:\Startrack\QTP Framework\ObjectRepository\ObjectRepository.xls"
Dim ObjString
Dim ORPropertyDataSet

Set ORPropertyDataSet = GetBatchTestData(ORSheetPath,"SELECT ObjectProperties FROM [ObjectRepository$] WHERE Page='"&page&"' AND Object='"& Object&"'")
Set ObjString = ORPropertyDataSet.Fields("ObjectProperties")

Dim TestArray
TestArray = Split(ObjString.value, "i")Set ObjObject = Description.Create
For i=0 to Ubound (TestArray)
ObjObject(TestArray(i)).value = TestArray(i+1)
i= i+1


Set FetchORPropertyData = ObjObject

Set ORPropertyDataSet = nothing

End Function