Is there anyway to acess a file in a computer without being prompt with the password and username?

I explain:

(in windows)
Imagine that i want to access a shared directory in another computer, if i type this in the START-RUN option, \\OtherComputer\c$\Temp, i will be prompt with the username and password, what i want to know is:

If i knew the user and the pass could i type a command like this,\\OtherComputer\c$\Temp@user\pass (just an example), that it wont ask me the password and go directly to the directory?

(in asp.net c#)
How can i do the same in ASP.NET using C#?
I want to acess to a file that is in another computer, but the computer has password and username (i know both), how can i acess that file directly using the username and password information?

I have manage to acess to a file in another computer and i had no problems, because it didnīt have pass and user, but when i try to acess to a computer that has pass and user i returns an error...
Just remener that i know the password and the user...

Can you guys help me?

Best regards