Hello. I have 4 different .aspx files within Dreamweaver. Each file does a different tasks

1) Displays a table of records
2) ADDS a new record to the table
3) Updates the new record. (Just changes its name)
4) Deletes the added record.

There are four links on my site, and when you click on whatever link, the above action happens within the table. And you can see the changes by clicking the link that views that table.

What I need to do is:

Create a link that when a user clicks said link, the table of records pops up. Next, the same table pops up, but with the added record. Next, the same table pops up, but the record is "updated." And finally, the final (same) table pops up, and the record is deleted.

This would all be achieved by the user clicking ONCE, and doing nothing else. This all must happen automatically.

Am I essentially merging the .aspx files? How would I do that? And would providing the code help in any regard?

Thank you.