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    Need help for code to check if website is down

    Hi Guyz ,
    I am wondering if some one can help me please . I have got a asp page which check if the specific website is UP/Down . but unfortunately this code is not working in properly . What is happening actually if i pass an invalid webaddress it tells me that this web site is not working but i pass a valid webaddress where web is down it tells me that web site is working .
    My Code is :-

    <% response.buffer = TRUE %>
    <!-- #include file="i_axapta.asp" -->
    // Get the WebAddress to be checked from the html form
    Dim error
    CheckWebAddress = "(WebAddress address blocked: See forum rules)"
    // create an XMLHTTP object that is the vehicle for the page check
    Set GetConnection = CreateObject("Microsoft.XMLHTTP")
    // open a path to the chosen WebAddress and attempt to send data to it
    GetConnection.Open "get", CheckWebAddress, False
    // check the return code, 200 mean OK, all the rest are warnings or errors
    // If 200 is returned, this script redirects to the valid page, if not it returns an error statement
    if GetConnection.status = 200 then

    id = webApplication().call ("JS_sendWebFailureEmail",GetConnection.status,checkWebAddress,error)



    id = webApplication().call ("JS_sendWebFailureEmail",GetConnection.status,checkWebAddress,error)


    end if
    // get rid of the XMLHTTP object
    Set GetConnection = Nothing
    <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript">
    function closeWindow() {

    <BODY onLoad="JavaScript: closeWindow();">
    Now i don't know what i am doing wrong here
    I will appreciate any quick help as this critical for my project
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    If your server side asp code is using vbscript (which is the default for server side classic asp) then your syntax is all wrong. For example, "//" is not a comment marker in vbscript.
    Doug G
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