Hi there,

I have a Contact Form for my client's website and I will be using a contact_form.asp file for email scripting.
That is my only choice for my client's hosting site. I have spent many hours googling for more .asp information and all I am seeing for .asp script of info to come back in the email is "fromname" "email" and "body".
I would like to include "telephone" and a "selected value" from my drop down list of services to be in the email as well.
Do I have that option? If yes, what would the coding be in the .asp file?
I usually can make a good guess but the wording in the script is a little different.

Here is the code from the contact_form.asp:

vfromname = request.form ("TName")
vbody = request.form ("TBody")
vrplyto = request.form ("TEmail")
vmsgbody = vfromname &"<br>"& vrplyto &"<br>"& vbody

I appreciate any help.