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    Classic ASP - CRC-32

    Firstly, I'd like to take this opportunity to say hello to everyone as I'm new on here.

    I'm currently learning to code in classic asp (VB) for legacy reasons.

    I'm trying to locate a functional CRC-32 algorithm that can run from a classic asp page, unfortunately, I seem to be getting nowhere with this.

    I have found one on Planet Source Code, however, even though the lookup tables seem ok, the result returned is nothing like expected.

    Any help or code samples for this would be greatly appreciated.


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    I haven't used asp in years, but my memory thinks there was a crc function from some object that you could use with vbscript. Maybe find the old microsoft asp documentation on the MS website?
    Doug G
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    I apologize - it looks like our automated filter might have eaten ChrisRe's most recent post in this thread. I've upgraded your access privileges so that, hopefully, that doesn't happen again.

    In the meantime, since I get emails about new posts, I can add the body of ChrisRe's last post below:

    Right, I've found some more code that looks interesting, but my lack of knowledge with classic ASP is preventing me from getting it to work, here is the code anyway, what do i need to do to get this to work!:

    Set fso = Server.CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
    set fs = fso.OpenTextFile(Server.MapPath("../test/" & "abc.txt"), 2, true)
    Option Explicit On
    Public Class crc32
    Private TLookup = {&H0, &H77073096, &HEE0E612C, &H990951BA, &H76DC419, &H706AF48F,
        &HE963A535, &H9E6495A3, &HEDB8832, &H79DCB8A4, &HE0D5E91E, &H97D2D988,
        &H9B64C2B, &H7EB17CBD, &HE7B82D07, &H90BF1D91, &H1DB71064, &H6AB020F2,
        &HF3B97148, &H84BE41DE, &H1ADAD47D, &H6DDDE4EB, &HF4D4B551, &H83D385C7,
        &H136C9856, &H646BA8C0, &HFD62F97A, &H8A65C9EC, &H14015C4F, &H63066CD9,
        &HFA0F3D63, &H8D080DF5, &H3B6E20C8, &H4C69105E, &HD56041E4, &HA2677172,
        &H3C03E4D1, &H4B04D447, &HD20D85FD, &HA50AB56B, &H35B5A8FA, &H42B2986C,
        &HDBBBC9D6, &HACBCF940, &H32D86CE3, &H45DF5C75, &HDCD60DCF, &HABD13D59,
        &H26D930AC, &H51DE003A, &HC8D75180, &HBFD06116, &H21B4F4B5, &H56B3C423,
        &HCFBA9599, &HB8BDA50F, &H2802B89E, &H5F058808, &HC60CD9B2, &HB10BE924,
        &H2F6F7C87, &H58684C11, &HC1611DAB, &HB6662D3D, &H76DC4190, &H1DB7106,
        &H98D220BC, &HEFD5102A, &H71B18589, &H6B6B51F, &H9FBFE4A5, &HE8B8D433,
        &H7807C9A2, &HF00F934, &H9609A88E, &HE10E9818, &H7F6A0DBB, &H86D3D2D,
        &H91646C97, &HE6635C01, &H6B6B51F4, &H1C6C6162, &H856530D8, &HF262004E,
        &H6C0695ED, &H1B01A57B, &H8208F4C1, &HF50FC457, &H65B0D9C6, &H12B7E950,
        &H8BBEB8EA, &HFCB9887C, &H62DD1DDF, &H15DA2D49, &H8CD37CF3, &HFBD44C65,
        &H4DB26158, &H3AB551CE, &HA3BC0074, &HD4BB30E2, &H4ADFA541, &H3DD895D7,
        &HA4D1C46D, &HD3D6F4FB, &H4369E96A, &H346ED9FC, &HAD678846, &HDA60B8D0,
        &H44042D73, &H33031DE5, &HAA0A4C5F, &HDD0D7CC9, &H5005713C, &H270241AA,
        &HBE0B1010, &HC90C2086, &H5768B525, &H206F85B3, &HB966D409, &HCE61E49F,
        &H5EDEF90E, &H29D9C998, &HB0D09822, &HC7D7A8B4, &H59B33D17, &H2EB40D81,
        &HB7BD5C3B, &HC0BA6CAD, &HEDB88320, &H9ABFB3B6, &H3B6E20C, &H74B1D29A,
        &HEAD54739, &H9DD277AF, &H4DB2615, &H73DC1683, &HE3630B12, &H94643B84,
        &HD6D6A3E, &H7A6A5AA8, &HE40ECF0B, &H9309FF9D, &HA00AE27, &H7D079EB1,
        &HF00F9344, &H8708A3D2, &H1E01F268, &H6906C2FE, &HF762575D, &H806567CB,
        &H196C3671, &H6E6B06E7, &HFED41B76, &H89D32BE0, &H10DA7A5A, &H67DD4ACC,
        &HF9B9DF6F, &H8EBEEFF9, &H17B7BE43, &H60B08ED5, &HD6D6A3E8, &HA1D1937E,
        &H38D8C2C4, &H4FDFF252, &HD1BB67F1, &HA6BC5767, &H3FB506DD, &H48B2364B,
        &HD80D2BDA, &HAF0A1B4C, &H36034AF6, &H41047A60, &HDF60EFC3, &HA867DF55,
        &H316E8EEF, &H4669BE79, &HCB61B38C, &HBC66831A, &H256FD2A0, &H5268E236,
        &HCC0C7795, &HBB0B4703, &H220216B9, &H5505262F, &HC5BA3BBE, &HB2BD0B28,
        &H2BB45A92, &H5CB36A04, &HC2D7FFA7, &HB5D0CF31, &H2CD99E8B, &H5BDEAE1D,
        &H9B64C2B0, &HEC63F226, &H756AA39C, &H26D930A, &H9C0906A9, &HEB0E363F,
        &H72076785, &H5005713, &H95BF4A82, &HE2B87A14, &H7BB12BAE, &HCB61B38,
        &H92D28E9B, &HE5D5BE0D, &H7CDCEFB7, &HBDBDF21, &H86D3D2D4, &HF1D4E242,
        &H68DDB3F8, &H1FDA836E, &H81BE16CD, &HF6B9265B, &H6FB077E1, &H18B74777,
        &H88085AE6, &HFF0F6A70, &H66063BCA, &H11010B5C, &H8F659EFF, &HF862AE69,
        &H616BFFD3, &H166CCF45, &HA00AE278, &HD70DD2EE, &H4E048354, &H3903B3C2,
        &HA7672661, &HD06016F7, &H4969474D, &H3E6E77DB, &HAED16A4A, &HD9D65ADC,
        &H40DF0B66, &H37D83BF0, &HA9BCAE53, &HDEBB9EC5, &H47B2CF7F, &H30B5FFE9,
        &HBDBDF21C, &HCABAC28A, &H53B39330, &H24B4A3A6, &HBAD03605, &HCDD70693,
        &H54DE5729, &H23D967BF, &HB3667A2E, &HC4614AB8, &H5D681B02, &H2A6F2B94,
        &HB40BBE37, &HC30C8EA1, &H5A05DF1B, &H2D02EF8D}
    Public Function Crc32CalcString(ByVal source As String) As String
    Dim crc As Integer = &HFFFFFFFF
    Dim x As Integer = 0
    Dim c As Byte = 0
    While x <= source.Length - 1
        c = Asc(source(x))
        crc = (((crc And &HFFFFFF00) >> 8) And &HFFFFFF) Xor (TLookup((crc And 255) Xor c))
        x += 1
    End While
    crc = (Not crc)
    'Return hex value or crc value.
    Return Hex(crc)
    End Function
    End Class
    Sorry about that!

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