We are developing a web app where user take a survey and answer questions.

What is the ideal software pattern to use if we want to have a Admin Dashboard for the survey software where Admin users (multiple users, up to 6 people) can go through each answer to the survey and categorize it?
There will be a Answers table in a SQL database.
We need to have a web app Dashboard where multiple Admin users can log in and go through each of the survey answers. There will be like 3000 survey answers.
We need to go through each answer and Categorize it (basically edit one of the fields.)
We want to just have 6 people log into the Dashboard using their own username (Admin1, Admin2, Admin3Ö) and go through each of the 3000 answers.
The problem is: There can be only one (1) Admin user categorizing a answer at a time. We canít have 2 users open the same answer and categorize it.
I think one solution is to let a Admin user Lock an answer when he is viewing it to categorize it.
After 15 minutes if the answer hasnít been categorized then it will be auto-unlocked.
Option 1:
Have a table of answers and let the Admins pick what answer to view.
Option 2: Feed the Admin the next available Answer to view, and let them Skip it.

My question: what is the best way to have 6 users go through 3000 items without stepping on each others changes?