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    Advice small basic programme

    Hi everyone.

    I'm a designer and I have very little programming knowledge - however, i'm not sure if this requires programming or whether it's something I could just do on Microsoft Access... (which i'm also not 100% confident with)

    Basically, I'm currently working for a corrugated packaging company who regularly make samples of various boxes to match client briefs - We stick a sample label on the product that details customer, spec number, board grades, size, etc. then send it out... At the moment we just have a pdf form that you just fill out then hit 'print'.

    The issue with this is, we never have any record of the samples going out.
    I've been looking around for a way to make a little desktop app where you can enter the product details, hit print then you get a sample label printed up - but this app would also save all of the information and if needed you could print various reports.

    The app would be kept on the shared network so the 5 designers would all have access to it.

    Any ideas? As mentioned earlier, i'm a absolute novice so appologies if i'm not making much sense!
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    Access could do it, but since it's the one file you'd have to find a way to share it with all the people who need to use it, making sure that nobody's changes ever get lost. That can be tricky, even if you simply put it on a network share, and with one mistake lots of information could get lost.

    I'm a web developer so I naturally see the web-development solution: have a little IIS server somewhere (you probably already have a server that can do this), with a little SQL Server Express database installed on it, that you can make a little web app for. All the information can get stuffed in there and I'm sure you could use Access or even Excel to connect to it and do your reporting. It can also handle the label: instead of a PDF, the information that was entered gets put onto a webpage that is arranged however you want, then the user prints out the webpage.

    Speaking not as a developer, something else would be Google Sheets (one of their Apps). You would keep the PDF for creating the label because that is easy and works for you, but you also enter information into a spreadsheet online. If there's not a whole lot of information, this wouldn't be a big deal. Multiple people can work on it at once, it requires almost no technical knowledge so it would be easy to set up, and it has most if not all of the kinds of reporting stuff you might want. Plus all your information gets backed up somewhere safe.

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