I want to make a macro interface to control other macro's I make for a online game but I have no Idea where to start, the basic's of it are:

Has to have a field so you can mod where the game .exe file is so it can turn it on.

Has to have a 2 fields for log in, One for the modding of the username an one for the modding of the password.

And Also has to have a second interface where the users can pick from between 10 an 15 different sets of settings for the game itself. Different setup for different things in the game itself.

Also needs a First Time Run Wizard because the game itself needs to have game settings modded for the other macro's to actly run.

I have no clue where to start Im just a beginner where it comes to this making the macro's is the easy part, so if someone can help me with the code or if you could tell me what language to use or help with the basic writing of the code it'd help alot. Or if I'd have to actly write the macro itself from a program language an not the autohot key program.