This is a copy and paste from the mysql forums, having no luck with my question over there.

Hi all,

It's my first post here, I am a Mysql newbie in the truest sense.

My HTML knowledge is scant at best, and I've not touched Mysql in any way, shape or form before. I've a very specific problem at hand, so I'm wondering if the solution I've concocted will work.

The problem has to do with multiple users, Ipads and a proxy login. The Ipads are in a school, and are shared between students in different classes and teachers. Each student has their own login, and there are different restrictions in regards to teachers and students.

Using the Ipads in built proxy settings has been tried, but it will save credentials of the last user, and not always prompt for a new user to login.

The PC's are connected to the domain by AD, so they have no problems as it is.

I'm hoping that I can provide a website that the Ipads will redirect to at first login which the users can provide their AD username and password to, and this then passes the credentials to the proxy server, authenticating the http session.

Either by compiling a database of usernames/passwords in Mysql, or just having the website send the information onto the proxy server in a manner which will allow it to recognise a login.

Any help that anyone can provide with this would be great, I don't mind learning a little (or a lot), or even suggestions in a different manner.