I have some ideas for language learning app to start working on as a hobby project. My programming experience is limited (bits of C++, MATLAB and FORTRAN from studying aerospace engineering at university), so I could use some help!

I want to start off simply by adding a menu option in a PDF viewer to lookup a word in an online foreign language dictionary, e.g. wordreference.com.

So, for example, you’re reading a PDF file in French and you see a word you don’t know. You highlight/right click the word and select the new menu option “Lookup in wordreference.com”. I guess this would just launch a macro performing the following actions:
- Copy the selected word,
- open a browser window
- direct user to url wordreference.com/fren/*selectedword*
where *selectedword* is the highlighted word.

I was thinking it shouldn’t be too hard to add this to an open source pdf viewer e.g. PDF Lite. I’ve downloaded the PDF Lite source code, and MS Visual Studio Express 2012 as a starting point. However I’ve no idea where to look in the source code to add such a function, hence why I am here. Can anyone give me some pointers on how to add this basic function to a pdf viewer?

Thanks for reading!