Hey all. New to the forum, sorta new to programming. I thought I'd introduce myself. I have an actual programming question, but I'll post that in a separate thread.

I took some programming classes during my first run at college back from 1999-2001. Back then I had graduated with an associate's degree in computer networks, and in the intervening 10 years after cycled among unemployment, underemployment, and full employment in contract jobs doing hardware tech support. The wages ranged from sucky to okay, but the job security sucks and the work is awful. You sit around all day waiting for something to go wrong, then hope it's something you know how to fix.

After a 3 year contract job ended a year ago, I floated around for a while trying to get a new job, but then decided to go into software. It's no random decision. I took 3 programming classes last time around, and really liked them. I don't know why I didn't stick with it. I guess impetuousness of youth and an eagerness to strike out on my own.

Anyway, I'm getting back into the programming game with a 2nd run at college and am finding the joy is still there. I love writing, debugging, trying to solve the mysteries, trying to understand stuff, looking for patterns. It really jibes with the way my brain is wired. And I'd love to make a career out of something where the mandate for the day is "go in to work and do something" instead of "go into work, sit around for 8 hours, and wait for bad things to happen".

So that's me. I'm in a program that is supposed to transfer my the credits from my A.A.S degree and let me, essentially, pick up where I left off and get a full B.S degree by the end of 2014. Let's hope it turns out to be worth it.