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    help ME

    c) A SEQUENTIAL file (called STOCK) contains details of products that a mail-order company sells.
    Another SEQUENTIAL file (called ORDERS) contains details of orders received. These orders need to be checked and verified against the STOCK file.
    The files contain the fields as shown below:
    Product code String
    Product description String
    Quantity in stock Integer
    Reorder level Integer
    Reorder alert Character
    Price Floating point

    Customer ID String
    Product code String
    Quantity ordered Integer

    Write a program routine that will:
    • read a record from the orders file and try to match this against a product record
    • if a match is found:
    o write the order record to a new file VALID ORDERS
    • if no match is found:
    o write the record to a new file called ERRORS
    Finally, print the entire VALID ORDERS file
    Kindly email the answers at [removed] and use VISUAL BASIC 2010
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    I removed your teacher's email from this post, since it's VERY inadvisable to post someone else's email address in public, especially if you're trying to cheat on homework for that person.

    It's also against the rules to post homework questions on devshed at all, especially titled "help ME" and not indicating at all that you've made at least a basic attempt at doing this yourself. This thread is closed, and you should re-think your decision to take a programming class.

    This assignment would take me about half an hour by the way, actually doing your work is the way you learn.
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