Hi Folks!

I'm a fresh gradudate of BSIT here in the Philippines and I want to be a system administrator someday. Problem is, I don't know where to start. Right now I'm more inclined or more familiar to using Windows Server 2003/2008 but I've been researching and I found out Unix/Linux also gives a good or probably better chances of getting employed.

So for the SysAd Guys/Gals here, If I may have some questions,

-Right now, what are the skills I need to focus on to be marketable in the SysAd industry?
-Will it better to study another 2-4 year course related to System Administration or just focus on getting certifications?
-Will it better to study/get certificates online or from campus?
-Any newbie SysAd mistakes I need to look out for?

And if you have some additional tips and advices, that will be greatly appreciated!!

Thank you Folks!