Hello Dev Shed.

I won't bore you by telling you this is my first time and post :P

I got my first Mac, but have used Mac many times in the past.

My background was in graphics and web design but due to sight loss this isn't doable any more, so I'm looking at getting into the following:

- C and C++
- Cocoa and Cocoa Touch
- Objective-C
- AppleScript (for random things on OS X, including customising the screen reader VoiceOver that's included)

Now, although I know HTML and CSS, and never really got my head round JavaScript. I'd really appreciate some suggestions and advice on how best, as an absolute beginner, to get into those languages.

It would be a great help if said books could explain the syntaxes and terminology, even the difference in concurrent and procedural programming, programming paradigms and the like.

Also, although it's not programing, I'd appreciate on any suggestions for books on Mac OS X, OS X Server and even Unix.

I've never been a fan of Windows, always just tolerated it, but now owning my own Mac, I've decided to really dig my teeth into it, but I need someone like you, to push my face into it so I can bite it :P

With much appreciation.