Hi, if you're reading this, thanks for taking the time to help me with this.

I have been given an assignment in which I need to remake the game Reversi/Othello in MatLAB using an 8x8 matrix where black is 1 and white is -1, and have a functional GUI.

I have been able to do the GUI etc, by myself, but when I reach the point where I need to allow for only valid moves, I become a little stuck.

I was curious if any of you would know of a way in which that could be done, because I've hit a road block. Essentially I need to scan all 8 directions of the matrix from the centre point, and find a valid combination of player_number*-1, in a row which end in a player_number (where player_number is the current players turn), but I am not sure how to accomplish this.

Again, thanks for your time.