Hello, I'm new to the forums and would like to know if anybody has any input on technical schools that have accelerated "boot camps" for certain technologies.

I graduated with a CIS/programming degree in 2008 and have not kept up with programming. Recently I decided that i would not let 4 years of time and effort go to waste and started to look for job opportunities. I have zero experience and have forgotten a lot of the concepts so I've been researching for ways to become updated. I posted my resume on Monster.com and received a call from a recruiter for one of these schools. They had me take some aptitude, logic, and syntax tests, which apparently i passed and offered a program for 12 weeks (FT), or 33 weeks (PT) for a cost of about $13,000; the program is all through webcam and virtual environments. I've researched this company and I've come across different experiences but nothing has suggested that it's a scam. Most of the disgruntled people just complained that they didn't get a job afterwards. They claim that it's hands on with real-life projects and I've talked to one of their "supposedly" recent grads who had good things to say. I don't expect any school to hand me a job but i want to get enough "experience" to know what I'm talking about on an interview.

I just don't know if $13,000 is too much money. I honestly wouldn't care if i knew for sure that i would get the skills required to get my foot in the door. I already paid $30k+ for a bachelor's degree so I don't want to waste money (that I don't have)

Any help would be appreciated.