SELECT Cluster_Owner_Lookup.Cluster_Owner
     , Ticket_Data.Number
     , Ticket_Data.Asset
     , Ticket_Data.Open_Time
     , DATEDIFF("d",Ticket_Data.Open_Time,NOW()) AS Age
  FROM Ticket_Data
  JOIN Cluster_Owner_Lookup
    ON Cluster_Owner_Lookup.Asset = Ticket_Data.Asset
    BY Cluster_Owner_Lookup.Cluster_Owner;
This is my code so far, its to select Number, Asset, Open Time, calculate the age of a ticket, and also lookup a owner of the ticket based on a lookup table.

What i need it to do now is give me a range of the age so say if the ticket is 310 days old that the result should be >300 in the new column showing all the tickets with their new respective range.

My ranges should be 0-100, 101-200, 201-300, >300.

Would i start with a Like expression?

Btw this is in Microsoft Access right now