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    Thinking of programming again

    I have been thinking of learning a programming language as a hobby again.
    I have been tinkering with languages since I was about 9 years old back in 1982, learning BASIC on a TRS 80
    Generally I picked up what ever I have been school for with the exceptions of trying to learn VB, unreal script, and HTML on my own
    I have learned little things from Assembly (in a Microprocessor class) to Turbo Pascal. A rough list of what I have programmed in is: BASIC, Turbo Pascal, Q-Basic, C, Java, HTML, PHP, Visual Basic, SQL, HTML, Unreal Script, and there are probably a few I can not remember it has been so long ago

    Lately I was thinking of doing some websites and put two of them up
    I know they are not much but working on them as I go
    Working on these I came across the term SEO and looked at some of the tools for keyword research like Long Tail, or Market Samurai. Looking at those programs I got to thinking roughly how easy they would be to replicate. I enjoy working on the back end of things, never did like the front end design
    What I am wondering is what languages are Market Samurai and the rest of the programs like that written in. I did notice they used the Adobe AIR framework
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    A quick google search suggest that Market Samurai uses either Java or .NET due to their use of Adobe Air. I found this article on working with Air as well, though it's pretty old. It does point out that .NET has a library built to use it. Adobe air

    I don't know enough about Air to say much about it, but you could certainly create a similar site in python or php or ruby, and by now they probably have ways to integrate into Air as well.
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