I am new both in ASP and PERL. I wonder how to convert the below code in PERL to ASP.

The main convertion I want to try is convert the Perl example as shown below to ASP , make the email in HTML format.

Pls help and forward me some online help/tutorial for it. Thanks.

Eg of code in PERL:

$message .=" MY Country\n";
$tmps1="Select Country_name FROM country where country_id = '$DAta('country_id'}'";

if ($db1->Sql($tmps1) {
print " SQL failed.\n";
print " Error: " . $db1->Error() ."\n";

if ($db1->FetchRow()) {
undef %Data1;
%Data1 = $db1->DataHash();
$message .= "Country\t: $Data1{'country_name'}\n";