This is just a quick post to introduce myself and get familiar with this forum. So first off, hello. I'm a novice programmer working towards an Associate's Degree in Programming. I'm about finished with my degree and I really like is so far. At the moment I am studying Java, VB(), and Javascript. I'm in a level 2 class of the first two languages and an intro Javascript but so far, Javascript is my favorite. I will probably be frequenting this site as I have many questions and always willing to learn. I've joined some others but there isn't really any help there, seems like a wasteland. Only about 3 users active at a time. I look forward to meeting some of you experienced programmers and learning new things from you. IF you have any questions, comments, words of advice, or anything else, just let me know. There's my rant, sorry if this is in the wrong place in this forum. Have a nice day and I look forward to hearing from you.