Hello all!

So I have always been fascinated with web development as well as game programming and really anything regarding programming in general and such and want to get into the field the best way possible. Though I'll admit I'm 18 and gonna be a computer engineer so I do not really have time for adding extra classes dealing with programming (that's not already incorporated in my curriculum).

I have used the search function but nothing really portains to what I am asking, yes it is one of those "what should I do" but this is more of "am I going about this correctly?"

My plan is to do web development, do "hard programming" and go down the field that brings in a better profit or jobs. (Note: I am doing this for the thrill but mainly for extra side cash for me while I am in college)

So this is my plan for becoming a pro programmer:

Course 1
HTML (htmldog.com)
CSS (htmldog.com)
(x)HTML5 (w3schools.com)
PHP (php.net/w3schools.com)

Course 1A
This is assuming I decided to go down the web dev path

I will attempt to take the w3schools.com quizzes and make a site for myself using these newfound skills. (will not move on to course 2 until then)

Course 2
C++ (cplusplus.com)
DirectX (directxtutorial.com)
UDK (which is an amazing game engine)

Course 2A
This is assuming I am going the hard programming route
more C++?

and then try to join gaming companies that need scripting or looking for people who would need a freelance C++ person

now both of these course "routes" can switch by being first or second but I was wondering which field will produce more revenue for a freelancer like myself (let's assume I will have a small portfolio for both) is it worth trying out both? or should I just refine my skills in one? which one can take me farther in the general field of programmers?

As I said before I will be Computer Engineer but I also work currently for my colleges newspaper as a web developer, so I can go either way but I need the experience of established programmers to help me choose my path.

Any help is greatly appreciated! (sorry for the long text) I am also willing to take heavy criticism as well as changes to my tutorial choices!