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    How to start a bright kid off programing

    Hi All - I'd like to see if anyone can help me with a bit of advice I'm sure there are plenty who can help me
    I remember in my early days struggling with basic on my commodore 64 and what fun it gave me to finally produce a basic game -

    My 11 year old - who is brighter than me and with a higher geek coefficient has been nagging me to find him a way to program his own computer game - he's very keen and staggeringly quick on the uptake - He reads steven Hawking and does algebra for fun, so he's a bit unusual for an 11 year old!

    So to my question - can someone advise what I should start him off with as an introduction ?? I got rid of the commodore years ago and we now run windows vista on laptops . Surely there must be some tutorials around he could follow that'd give him a start - I'd back him against anything that's designed for an average 16 year old, so It needn't be too dummy, but needs to give him some rapid return on his intellectual investment.

    A bit back he got into programming BASIC STAMPS, which gave him a taster, but the really wants to do games rather than robotics, and anything you can do with a stamp is soo limited.

    I'd welcome a bit of advice on how I get him a quick start with something useful that delivers gratifying results reasonably fast. I'll have to learn with him I'm afraid as my skills lie in different directions!

    would really welcome your thoughts
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    As a beginner, you have to start with the basic. You just don't do games out of the box.
    And it is much easier to tell it than to follow it.

    One tutorial i like myself is the one found at http://nehe.gamedev.net/.
    This give some graphic and movement quite fast.
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    He definitely can't start with 3d games, but maybe start him in flash/actionscript and he can start making 2d games.

    I remember a game engine that I worked with in college (no idea what the name is though) where you could program the characters using LUA on one monitor and watch them act on the other monitor. No need for compilation or restarting the game, their behavior changed as soon as you were done with the command. Maybe you can find that for him too, since the engine itself is already written and you're just specifying behaviors.

    There's a difference between the game itself and the engine. The engine is enormously complex and only really accessible to someone with master's level skill. Making a game using an existing engine ranges from an expert task (for the quake engine) to a moderate task (for the source engine) and even easier than that (for this lua engine that I forget the name of).

    Good luck.
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    3 years later...
    I sure hope you found something for him in the mean-time if this isn't surpassing his level of geek or interests, here ya go.

    Hi MrFujin, I would like to recommend php & mysql after he has a basic understanding of HTML, but isn't required to learn this. You will need to setup a WAMP server environment on your computer so he may test his scripts without needing the internet. Also find a couple video tutorials on youtube about using a MySQL database and navigating it using PHPMyAdmin which is provided within the WAMP Server.

    These tutorials are to develop a very basic online game that is played in any internet browser. Text based bare bones game engine that can easily be added to with other languages or just simple HTML and image references.

    Copephobia - YouTube

    start with tutorial 1...2...3....

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