Hi Everybody,

It's hard to find other beginner's to learn programming from the viewpoint of somebody who doesn't know much. They have got some awesome people on this site to help with problems relating to writing code, but when it comes to learning, that's not the job of this forum.

So I am starting a group where beginner's can talk and share there experience or lack of experience with python! Basically anything to do with this can be discussed amongst a group of people who are in the same boat. And even if you join the group after, you will be able to see all the conversations we have had, so you can catch up quick, that way we can all be on the same page! Plus we can make new friends from around the world which would be awesome.

I love this forum, and I'm not saying to quit this forum, I just think it would be neat to have a group of beginners, and maybe one day we can have webinar's together and stuff.... Who knows but for now I just need some friends to talk beginners python with. So come meet me at (https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/peeps-who-love-programming) Obviously don't use the brackets. And if you have trouble finding it, its under python for beginners or just email me(canuckfan34@gmail.com) and I will help!

Looking forward to making some New Friends and Learning some cool stuff!!

-Dennis D(Vancouver,Canada