Hello, I have a project in mind, which I assume should be relatively easy, but I do not really where to begin, or how to learn each step.

The goal of the project: create a little program that 1) automate good trends search and download csv file and 2) send me an email if a value is more than X

A) Google Trends offer the option to enter keywords and download a csv file with the result.

B) This Python script claims to be able to automate the search but not sure how to use it: pyGTrends (sorry I cannot post a url)

What I would like to be able to do is to have a little program query Google Trends for a list of keywords that I am interested automatically. Now the purpose would be for the program to let me know if the topic (or keyword) is trending. So What I would need to do is to write a script that shoots me an email if the value linked by Google Trends with the keyword (on the csv file) is above a certain threshold.

How hard would it be for a beginner to do this? Is it a realistic project in your opinion?

Could I use Python to do this (seems easier to learn) or would you recommend something else.

Any help or advise would be greatly appreciated! Andre