I would like to make a program, that would make playing poker a bit easier. Ultimately what I want the program to do is to keep track of the players and their actions, store the information in a database and display the data in real time, but all that is probably a bit out of my league for the moment. I am aware that this has been done already many times, an example of an open source poker hud is FPDB. I would like to start with the program telling me what the "nuts"(best hand possible) is for any given flop/turn in real time. The algorithms to arrive at the right conclusion isn't really the problem, I would imagine all of the programming languages would be quite capable of that.

Can someone please suggest a language to use for identifying the cards on the board and then displaying the best possible hand in a different window. All four card suits have different colours, the best hand for the board (8 of clubs 7 of clubs T spades A of spades) is nine & jack. So the window would display 789TJ.

(can't post links, if you can bother do a google image search for "pokerstars table")

I will be using win 7 to make the application. I think I need something that would recognize the colour and shape of the card index, if someone could point me in the general direction as to which language would be reasonable and maybe a good library for such things it would be much appreciated.

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