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    Ok I made a little program that does absolutely nothing but have buttons and show you stuff. It's something to catch cheaters in Rogue Spear (pc game).

    Now all I need to do is have it so when they type in a secret word it comes out as something else, if this program is installed. A program called Vertigo does this by chaning a file called wsock32.dll to vsock32.dll then detecting that file and printing out the different text.

    In this case, #woah comes out #tity.

    So anyways I need to know how to do my own secret word. All I have right now is my program.. i have no idea what i do from there.

    Help! How can i make a secret word show up

    Also if you know any good places to learn hex, please tell me =)
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    Only the bit about hex -
    Why learn hex? Why not use the Windows Calculator in Scientific mode? Just type in a decimal number, hit the hex button and there it is. Much easier than learning it all.
    It works in reverse as well of course.
    If you're not happy with that, come back to me. I'll tell you about hex.

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