I have a csv file with columns below. The second column is the only field that is an actual date. What we would like to do is remove all rows from the csv file where the date in that column is < 3 days from today whenever run. Meaning, delete all records where the date is 3 days or older then today. The csv needs to remain intact as a csv file, so we simply need to remove the records that are older than 3 days based on the column 'ShipmentInformationCollectiondate" (second column within the csv file). Any help would be greatly appreciated as to which forum to post to. BTW - this would need to be a script or bat file that would need to run un-attended reading this file on a Windows Server.

PackageReference1,ShipmentInformationCollectiondate,ShipmentInformationActualWeight,ShipmentInformat ionLeadTrackingNumber,ShipmentInformationServiceType,ThirdPartyUPSAccountNumber